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Little Bouquet - Teal

There they were, dusty and far older than me. Motifs, patterns and inspirations from the past, some dating back 100 years - yet far too fresh to be forgotten. These patterns and I became fast friends. Steadfast and true, enchanted by possibility and the promise of an optimistic and imaginative future together. Floral and folksy personalities, not the usual partners asking to play together, but instead friends who balance each other. Each friend with her own unique beauty, hidden strengths, special quirks, charm and sense of humor. A splash of pink to wake things up in our color - way called â??Poppy,â?? is bright and clear. Now, let's make the mood more quiet, more reflective and calm, a silvered story simply named â??Lavender.â?? And finally, to sleep, perchance to dream, â??Nightshadesâ?? in hues of blue and green call from the garden. Spend a lazy evening together with us, eight patterns Mable, Myrtle, Velma, and more, where we can all relax, laugh, tell secrets and create something wonderful an inspired and true friendship, indeed.