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Passionflower - Lace - Lush

There are over 500 varieties of Passion Flower and among them are a type that grows wild in Tennessee. Living here, I've become very accustomed to the rapidly growing vines my garden whether invited or not. Last Spring upon returning from a long trip, I found they had taken over a large portion of my flower beds, and had no choice but to enjoy their strange blooms. My Passionflower collection was created with the idea that the most beautiful things can happen without planning for them. The diversity of print styles is meant to inspire unusual combinations and exciting palettes. The Impostor design is a celebration of unexpected beauty disrupting the norm, while the Passiflora design is a moody study of my now beloved Tennessee wildflowers. The Migration design features the Heliconius because they are so appreciative of the flowers that they are known as the passion - vine butterfly. Add to that some healthy scale variety from patchwork stripes, bold geometrics, and lacey tonals, Passionflower is destined for favorite quilts, bold garments and go - to prints that work with all of my collections.